Elleste apparel - the highest quality and exclusive design of actiwear is for women only. Our goal is to create an exclusive brand where the quality and style interact, and in our range of things, every woman will find herself, regardless of her age, composition or experience in the gym. All outfit designed based on girls' opinions and comments.

Each product is produced in small quantities for the sake of exclusivity and quality, not quantity. Clients are our priority, therefore, we strive to respond promptly and clearly to questions and comments. Not satisfying quality, size or expectations, goods may be returned or replaced by another. Your feedback / comments help us improve ourselves faster.

Why Elleste Apparel?

The highest quality of the product, nothing to the well-known brand;
Price is available for each item and the quality of the product;
The small amount of single-model products will make you look unique and do not feel like one of the many;
Fast delivery;
Failure to measure or detect a mistake will always be able to return or change the item without fear of losing money;
We are actively and willingly communicating with our clients, so you can cordially apply, each client will be heard and find the best solution.